This is the first post in my new blog generated with Pelican and hosted on an S3 bucket. This blog is a move from Wordpress to Pelican. I am really hoping to document most of the notes in this blog in a simple and readable way.

Why Pelican?

I've started the first article in my oldest blog some 10 years ago, and in the middle I jumped from Drupal to Wordpress. While both CMS are great tools for authoring articles, I wanted something more simple where I write text file on my home directory, commit them to git, HTML is generated and served from an S3 bucket.

At first I was drifting towards Jekyll, well because it's the most commonly used one. But I decided to take a step backwards and do my homework in studying different static site generators, where I came across StaticGen

What will you find?

This blog is a collection of my technical notes during my daily experience. Please keep in mind I'm no expert in anything, this is a compilation of my assumptions, realizations and experience so I may be point-blank wrong on certain topics.